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A Day Before


Home to a bustling 16 million, now stranded without power or basic life support. Electricity, water, sewerage, transport and food distribution are all but gone.

It’s a scene from a ghastly Oliver Stone movie that could have been shot in places like Mogadishu or Darfur but is in fact Karachi. City’s authorities were not available for comments.

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An Interview With Mehreen Jabbar,Director of Film " Ram Chand Pakistani"

Most Pakistani films are synonymous with loud acting, garish sets and blood-n-gore. But Khuda Kay Liyeearlier and Ramchand Pakistani now signify the changing times, the changing outlook, the changing mindset.Ramchand Pakistani is a simple story, a true story in fact, of a kid and his father crossing the LOC and being held captive in an Indian prison. A theme like this ought to be handled with gloves and director Mehreen Jabbar does just that. A sensitively told story that succeeds in making you think of the plight of scores of people who've accidently crossed the border and are, perhaps, still languishing in various jails.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Behroze Sabzwari,Pakistani Film & Tv Artist (Interview)

Behroze Sabzwari, is a Pakistani Film / Television actor. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1957.Behroze began his career from Radio Pakistan as Radio presenter, In the late 1970s he start his acting career as a child artist in "Live" television kids play Dadajan Nanajan. He won popularity with a TV play Khuda Ki Basti, in 1974 with his role Nausha.He performs serious and comic roles with equal ease. Among his successful TV serial is Tanhaiyaan, It was Qabacha that endeared him to many households.Behorze has appeared in a number of television commercials. He has also done many stage plays, including Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par. Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par was the famous play of Khawaja Moinuddin. As a matter of fact this play was the earliest of Behroz plays and introduced him to the TV viewers throughout Pakistan in early seventies.

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Exhibition Of Sadequain

Sadequain was born in 1930, descending from a family of calligraphers.In late 1940s he joined the Progressive Writers and Artists Movement. His true talent was discovered by Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy who brought Sadequain into the limelight. He also spent some time in Paris augmenting his skills.Sadequain received much praise for his calligraphic style, which is widely considered iconic by many critics of South Asian art.Sadequain died while still working on the mural for the ceiling of Frere Hall in Karachi.The mural was not quite complete and yet the autjhorities to their credit decided to mount it. Although not complete, yet the ceiling appears full and awesome, nothing like ever done by anyone in Pakistan.

images courtesy by sadequain foundation.